St Tropez - Bronzing Mousse

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- About 25 €
- 240 ml / 8 fl.oz.
- Look fantastic / Cheap Smells / Fragrance Direct

sttropezmousse.jpg I've discovered this product through YouTube (like a lot of other products !). I've decided to try it, so I've bought the big bottle. Like I was expecting, I'm in love with this bronzer !

Maybe you already know a lot about this product....
It's a mousse, there are different textures, like lotions, but I prefer mousse.

I use it on my face, because of the winter and the lack of sun, I'm pretty pale. And because I've got dark brown hair and brown eyes, I look like Morticia Adams.

I really like being tanned. It's psychologic but it makes me happy !

So, the product is a dark brown mousse, I only use 2 pumps to do my whole face and neck, and the beginning of my chest.

I apply it after having taken off my makeup and cleansed my face, at night.
I prefer applying it BEFORE my moisturizer, and I've never seen any instructions on the bottle, so I think that you can use it when you want, of course on a clean skin.

I've never tried it on my body, but maybe this summer !

Be careful when you use this product, your skin must be dry (it's the same with other bronzers), and you have to apply it on your face very quickly ! (about 30 seconds max). If you apply some product on your forehead for example, and then you do something else before rubbing it on your face, it would be a disaster.

When I wake up the next day, my skin is naturally tanned, not orange, it's natural. If you need more, re apply it at night, but I think you can't do it more than 3 days consecutives. Even if it's supposed to be dry 30 seconds later, I have some product on my clothes....

This is an expensive product, but I think it's really worth it. I've also heard about the St Moritz, and when I will have tried it, I will tell you what I think about it.

I recommend you to use a tan remover (this is the next review on this blog !)

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