Nivea - Tinted moisturizer

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- About 10 € or less
- 50 ml
- Chemist Direct (english website)

nivea_tintedmoisturizer.jpg As you can see, it's a tinted moisturizer !

The shade is Natural. I think that there's only one shade, on the photo, you can't see but, it's written in french (because I live in France), and the shade is Sand.

I've also got the "english version" of this product, and I can say that the shades Sand and Natural are exactly the same.

This photo has not a good quality at all, so you can't really see the shade.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a strange color, and it wouldn't be natural at all. The color is a cream beige (?), not very fair I think; with pink undertones.

I have yellow undertone, so I thought it wouldn't be very good on my skin. The texture is like a cream or a liquid foundation. In reality, when I first have applied it on my skin, I was even paler than I was naturally ! Really strange ! On my skin, I think that the color "appears" a few minutes later.... I'm used to apply bronzer or bronze powder, maybe that's why I felt very pale with only tinted moisturizer on my face.... I also applied some bronzer for contouring my face and it was okay.

This has a light coverage, of course, it's not a foundation, so I won't recommend it for someone who wants to cover imperfections. For me, this is only to give more colors to my skin.

Because I have combination skin, I didn't know if I had to apply it after my moisturizer (I thought i wasn't logical, because this product is a tinted MOISTURIZER, so why moisturizing your skin twice ?) or if I had to replace my moisturizer by this product.

I've tried the two possibilities, and it's still difficult to answer:
- When I've applied it on top of my moisturizer, my skin became shiny almost 3 hours later. It was worse at the end of the day, I really hated it. I have to say that I hadn't put some powder on my face, only the tinted moisturizer.

- When I've replaced my moisturizer by this one, I powdered my face a little bit. (I also have to say that this product is a little bit hard to blend on my face, I don't know if it's just for me.... the texture is much more drier than a cream one). My face didn't get shiny, but it became a little bit drier than usual. So, that's the way I use it now !

If you have any advices for how to use it, please tell me !

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