MILANI - Eyeshadow Quad

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- About 6 $
- 10 g / 0.35 oz
- Cherry Culture /
Nonpareil boutique

Milani_palettes2.jpg Milani palettes1
The colors are: (on the first line, from the left to the right):
- 07 WILD VIOLETS: a lilac color, a purple one, a hot purple and a dark purple. The colors are a little bit shimmering.
- 01 TOUCH OF BROWN: a champagne color,  a kaki one, a brown-bronzy color and a dark brown. A little bit shimmering too.
- 04 EARTHLY DELIGHTS: a greenish champagne color, a green one, a brown one and a darker green one. Shimmering too.

(On the second line, from the left to the right):
- 08 AUTUMN EARTH: a white color, a hot green, a bronze color, and a reddish brown color. Shimmering too.
- 02 SEDONA SUNSET: a white yellowish color, a brown, a coral, and a reddish brown. Shimmering too.

I've bought these five last summer. For the price, I think that it's a really good deal. The quality is quite good, I can't say that it stays on the eyelids all day because I use Urban Decay primer potion, or anything else like that. The colors that you obtain on the eyes are exactly the same as those you can see on the photos. They're not matte nor glittering. Difficult to explain !

On brown eyes (like mine), I prefer the palette called 01 TOUCH OF BROWN: the result is very natural, and, for example, for the day you can only use the first two or three colors, and then for evenings or when you go out at night, you use the darker shades.
The price is very attractive, moreover, on the Cherry Culture website, there are sales very often.

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