M.A.C. - Pearlglide Eye Liner

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- About 14 €
- MAC Stores / MAC online

MAC_molasses.jpg Color: Molasses

I don't know if this product is still available online... It's an eyeliner pencil, with shimmers in it.

You can't really see on the photo, it's a dark brown color.
I've got brown eyes, and I usually don't apply brown colors on my eyes, because it doesn't emphasizes it.

But it's darker than my eyecolor, and it's less dramatic than black, so it's perfect for a day look. At night, I will go back to a black one ! I've used it as an eyeliner, just on my eyelashes, and it's really easy to apply, it's creamy.

I've also tried it on my waterline, and it was less easy to apply, and it didn't stay very well....

The shimmers are really little, it's almost natural for a day makeup.

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