Lush - Shower Jelly

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- About 5 £
- 100 g
- Lush UK / Lush Stores

lush_wooshshowerjelly.jpglush wooshshowerjelly2

The packaging depends on the country I believe. You can also have a transparent container or something like that.

This is the jelly called Whoosh. It has a minty and lemony fragrance (difficult to explain it!), a summer fragrance for me, and I really like it. I'm going to be a lush junkie, I start loving every body products that I try !
The color is also very beautiful, a turquoise which makes me think about holidays ! (That's probably the goal of the product !).

It is a jelly, so it's a little bit difficult to take some products ! Just take a little amount (like on the second photo), and put it on a face cloth or something like that) and apply it on your skin, like you would normally do it with a regular shower gel.

The fragrance become more intense, and it starts foaming !

If you use it without any face cloth, it won't foam, and it will be difficult to use ! (I've tried it !!)

I've got another shower jelly, when I will have use it, I will do a review in the same page.

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