L'Oréal - Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer (Studio Secrets)

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- About 14 euros
- 20 ml
- Drugstores / Grandes Surfaces

This is a primer for oily skin, or if you really want matte skin.
I, personally, use it on my whole face, because I like my skin to be matte (I've got combination skin).

If you have dry skin, I think that you should only apply it on your forehead, nose and chin.

I apply it with a sponge. Immediately, my skin is matte. Then I apply my foundation, with the sponge. And then I powder my face.

It stays the whole day ! I'm really surprised. There's not a lot of product in it, so it's quickly used. And it's a little bit expensive for a drugstore product I think.

Previous step
: - A moisturizer

Step forward: - A foundation
                         - A powder (then a blush, bronzer, ...)

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