Head & Shoulders - Anti-dandruff Shampoo

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- About 4 €
- 250 ml
- Drugstores

headshoulders.jpg This the Ocean Experience fragrance.

I've bought it when I had dandruff... I wasn't a huge fan of Head & Shoulders, but I decided to try this one.

It smells very very good, it's a refreshing smell, very minty.

After the first application, 80% of my drandruffes had disappeared ! I was really impressed, and more, it keeps my hair "clean" for almost 4 days (instead of 2 or 3 with a normal shampoo).

Generally, after 2 days, my roots become greesy, but it's different with this one, it's difficult to explain ! I've got normal hair (colored), thin. My first problem is the volume. I don't have a lot of volume on the roots, and it's wavy.

I'm very pleased with this product, so I use it sometimes, even if I haven't got dandruffes, and my hair are very shiny.

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