Givenchy - Phenomen' Eyes

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- About 26 euros
- 7 ml
- Sephora US / Sephora Fr


When I first saw this product in a magazine, I thought: " this is a great invention !". So, I bought it, and from the first time I've been using it, I really loved this product. I've got it in Black . I apply it first on my middle upper eyelashes, then on my  outer corner lashes, and I don't apply a lot on my inner lashes because I like when I've got a lot of mascara in the outer corner.

It is really easy to apply, the brushes is dense, so you have a lot of product in it. I turn the brush so I can have all the lashes. When I apply it on my down lashes, there's no black line on my skin, that I usually have when I use a classical brush.
It curves my lashes a lot, and it makes it longer. The black colour makes my eyes so intense. I really love this product.

I really recommend it.

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