Everyday Minerals - Brow Color

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- About 6 $
- 1g / 0.03 oz
- Everyday Minerals


I really can't remember if it's the sample one or the mini one....  I think it's the mini one. The pot is about 3 cm in large.
Actually, on this great website about mineral makeup, you can always choose the size of the product. You can choose the sample (about 2,5 $) and the regular one (about 6 $). And the samples are really big I think !

I think that it's really good, because you're not absolutely sure of the colors when you order online. This color is Medium Brown, (I've got fair skin and medium brown hair). For brow colors, if I remember well, there are 5 different shades.
Because you only use very few, this product will last me for ever (and I really appreciate that, but only because I've found the right color for me !).

I use it with an angle brush, I apply it on the beginning of my eyebrow, and less on the end of it. I like to have natural brows, but mine are not very organized !

I really recommend it !

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