DHC - Mild Lotion

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- About 34 $
- 6 fl. oz.
- DHC US (it also exists for other countries)

DHC mildlotion This is the last product of this Japanese ritual. It's a lotion, with cucumber extracts. It's very mild, not greesy at all (some lotions are greesy for me).

I apply it after the makeup remover and the soap. I use my fingers/hands to apply it and not cotton, because I think that I lose a lot of product when I use cottons.

This moisturizes my skin, but not enough. So I have to use a moisturizer after it. If you follow the exact ritual, after this product, you should use olive oil. It's a little bit too moisturizing for me so I only use a normal creme.

The bottle is very heavy, not very good if you travel a lot !

I use this product at night.

Previous step: - Deep cleansing oil
                           - Mild soap

Step forward
: - A moisturizer

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