Coastal Scents - 10 Color Blush Palette

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- About 15,95 dollars
- The weight is not written


I like this palette because there's a lot of choice of blushes. I don't like the fact that when you take some product with a pencil, a lot of small piece of the product comes out. It lasts quite good during the day (applied on top of a foundation and powder).

From the left to the right, first line:
A pink purplish color, I prefer use it as a contouring color, because it's not very natural, and it doesn't give a natural healthy look (on pale skin).
- An orange color, almost peach but more yellow. I use it quite often, it's natural.
- A purplish pale pink, I don't use it because if I do, I look like a doll. This is not natural on my pale (but more golden skin tone) and with my brown eyes and brown hair. I suppose it's better on a pale skin with pink undertones, and on a blonde girl.
- An orange, a flashy color, that I don't use because I'm too pale. This can be better on dark skins?
- A brown colour with orange reflects, I use it as a blush when I'm tanned, or to contour my skin when I'm not tanned.

Second line:
- A pink, very light but natural, I also think it's better for blonde girls.
- A brownish orange color, with some glitters, more intense than the orange one.
- A pink, very natural, with a little bit of brown.
- A flashy pink, more flashy than on the photo, very "Barbie look". I've never tried it, on darker skin I think it's better, and don't apply too much !
- A beige, really natural, very good for nude looks. I use it almost everyday.

You can mix the color together to have your own perfect color.
I like this palette.

Previous step: - A base
                           - A foundation
                           - A powder
                           - A bronzer

Step forward:
- Eye-makeup
                          - Lip makeup

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