Bourjois - Volume Clubbing

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- About 12 euros
- 11 ml / 0.32 oz
- Drugstores / Marionnaud, Nocibé


I have a lot of mascaras, as you can see. But I had to have this one. This one is even more black than the others, if that makes any sense. This black is darker than other black mascaras. The brush is huge, like I love. It catches all the lashes. I apply almost 3 times this mascara. This mascara is more for the colour, or because it makes your lashes thicker, but your lashes are not longer or volumized.

It's also easy to remove, I do it with a cotton with some MAC eye and lips remover, I apply it on my lid and I wait 30 seconds. Then the mascara has become dissolving so it's easy to remove it.

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