Bourjois - Highlighting Powder

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- About 12 euros
- 6 g
- Drugstores / Nocibé, Marionnaud


This product really looks like the Bronzing Powder. I bought this powder few years ago, I bought it because it makes me think about white chocolate, of course, and I love it. I was a beginner in makeup, I thought I had to apply this powder on my whole face and I was thinking "I will really look white with it, this is so unnatural" !

Now I've understood, I use it by touches, under my eyebrows, on the apple of my cheeks, on the places where I want to have light on, when I want to have volume. This has a little bit of glitters but it's still natural. I'm pleased with it.

Previous step: - A base
                           - A foundation
                           - A powder
                           - A bronzer

Step forward: - For me, nothing more on my face.

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