Bourjois - Eau De Gloss

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- About 8 €
- 7 ml / 0.2 fl.oz.
- Drugstores

bourjois_eaudegloss2.jpg bourjois eaudegloss1
Colors: 11 eau fraîche (fresh water) and 14 orange léger (bright orange).

These two little cute bottles are glosses. Actually, not really a gloss, it's between chapsticks and gloss, so it's not as  pigmented as real glosses, and it's not as sticky as them too. It's more moisturizing, it only colors a little bit the lips, really transparently.

For example, the one on the left is almost transparent, like a transparent gloss, but not sticky. The other one is very light on the lips, I think it's really good for a nude look, because you have something on the lips, but it's very discreet, it only colors the lips very naturally.

I don't know if this product is still available, maybe in discount stores...

Previous step and step forward: - Nothing, I apply it directly on my lips.

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