Benefit - Boi-ing

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- About 18$
- 3 g / 0.1 oz
- Benefit / Sephora / Look fantastic

Shade: 01 (the lighter one).

This is a creamy concealer. I apply it under my eyes, it has a medium coverage, so if you have for example blue under eye circles, you should mix the concealer with some yellow-orange color, to cancel the blue.

First, I've applied it with a brush, but it was quite hard to blend... so I used my finger, and it was much easier ! Of course, when you use your fingers, the product becomes warmer so it's easier to blend it on your skin.

The shade is very light (but there's only 3 different shades), and you're supposed to illuminate your eyes, so you use a lighter shade for your concealers than for your foundation. I've got fair skin, but I think that it's a little bit too light for me... The best must be a shade between the 01 and the 02.... but that's a detail !

I really like it, and I also like Benefit's product because of their packagings !

Previous step for make-up: - A base

Steps forward the application of the concealer: - A foundation
                                                                                     - A powder
                                                                                     - Blush / Bronzer, ...

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